Italian Films: The 10 Best

The 10 Greatest Italian Films of All Time.

There are many great Italian films but these are the 10 we feel are the best. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

1. The Godfather, Part II. (DIR: Francis
Ford Coppola) To dismiss these films as “gangster movies”
or ones that stereotypes Italians is to sell this masterpiece short,
for at the core it is a rich, human family drama. Part Two is particularly
outstanding for its portrayal of immigrants coming to America. Starring
Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. BUY FROM AMAZON

2. The Big Night. (DIR: Stanley Tucci, Tony Shaloub) The story of two
Italian immigrant brothers, struggling to run a restaurant in the
1950s, is a classic. Full of wit, charm, wonderful music, and mouthwatering
images of great Italian food, this is a film the whole family will
watch again and again. BUY FROM AMAZON

3. The Bicycle Thief. (DIR: Vittorio De Sica) This is the story of one man’s struggle to find his stolen bicycle, which he must have in order to keep his job. De Sica used non-actors in the film, which gave birth to the concept of neorealism
in cinema. A fascinating look at Post-War Italy. BUY FROM AMAZON

4. La Dolce Vita. (DIR: Federico Fellini) A peek into the decadent lifestyle of Rome in the 1960s, this is one of Fellini’s signature films. Starring Marcello
Mastroianni. BUY FROM AMAZON

5. Raging Bull. (DIR: Martin Scorsese) This gritty portrayal of of middleweight champion Jake LaMotta’s career is one of Scorsese’s best, and considered one of
the greatest films of all time. BUY FROM AMAZON

6. Cinema Paradiso. (DIR: Giuseppe Tornatore) A sentimental journey into the magical world of Italian movie houses, as an old projectionist hands over the reigns to his young prodigy. BUY FROM AMAZON

7. Once Upon a Time In America  Sergio Leone’s classic-but-flawed
final film is now available on DVD! Restored footage presents the
film as originally intended for the first time! Stars Robert De Niro
and Danny Aiello. BUY FROM AMAZON


8. Il Postino (DIR: Michael Radford) Put a little romance back
into your life, with this inspiring tale of a young Italian man who
learns about love and poetry from exiled poet Pablo Neruda. BUY FROM AMAZON

9. Moonstruck. (DIR: Norman Jewison) A delightful comedy starring
Nicholas Cage and Cher about love, family, and romance, Italian-style!
Featuring “That’s Amore” sung by Dean Martin! BUY FROM AMAZON

10. Bread and Chocolate. (DIR: Franco
Brusati) Starring Nino
Manfredi and Anna
Karina, this is an amusing tale of an Italian trying to make it
in Switzerland. An unforgettable scene with Manfredi and a group of
chicken farmers. BUY FROM AMAZON


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